Well, I blew my prediction that newly-retired Patriots All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski was going to make an appearance last night at Monday Night RAW at the TD Garden. Gronk, however, was the target of a long-winded insult from Lio Rush from the WWE.

There was speculation yesterday (yes, by me and many other media members) that Gronk might take a WWE test drive last night while the WWE was in town for Monday Night RAW. The timing of Gronk's announcement, some thought, was too perfect for him not to take advantage of the opportunity. The statement that Gronk had signed a TV/film deal before the Super Bowl gave a boost to the theory. Some wondered if maybe Gronk had been practicing for the past couple of months for this appearance.

Rush directly called Gronk, "Now you're gonna be forced to leave the game as a beaten, broken, hot piece of garbage like Rob Gronkowski."

We are now wondering whether or not Gronk will make his WWE debut at Wrestlemania.

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