Duxbury beachgoers this past Labor Day weekend couldn't have been happy about this.

Just when folks got excited about hitting the beach on the beautiful and sunny Labor Day weekend, a great white shark decided to lay claim to the waters.

A Facebook post from Duxbury Police Department Beach Operations on Saturday around noontime said, "Due to the beaching of a dead whale, which is attracting numerous sharks, authorities have closed the beach for swimming until arrangements can be made to remove the whale carcass."

Then later in the day, what they originally thought was a fin sighting of a sunfish was actually the fin of a great white shark. Needless to say, authorities banned swimming on Duxbury Beach until further notice.

Yesterday on Labor Day, the beach was open but swimming was/is still off-limits until the dead whale carcass is safely removed from the water surrounding the beach.

It amazes me but there several comments from people wanting to know when it would be safe for them to get back into the water to swim. What?! Are you kidding me?

I'm someone who literally grew up on a beach and loves the ocean, but you wouldn't catch me back in those waters until next year's beach season. It's going to take more than a few weeks for not only the town of Duxbury to safely remove the whale remains from the beach waters. That is something that several weeks and months of changing tides will help with, which takes us into many November. And who wants to be swimming on a New England beach in November? Not me. 🙋🏼🐋🌊

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