The summer shark sightings have begun and one boat of fishermen actually caught a great white this week. Check out their crazy video.

Triton Sportfishing shared the video of a great white shark almost being caught off the Triton the day after the 4th of July.

The group of fisherman aboard the boat ended up with some unexpected shark footage after one of the anglers had the striped bass on his line attacked by the shark.

The pair fought over the bass for a few seconds, but from the looks of the video the shark won and swam off with the fish.

Still it was clearly a memorable morning for these fisherman, catch or no catch.

And with shark season just gearing up, there are probably going to be plenty more close encounters with these massive fish before they swim for warmer waters come fall.

And if getting up close and personal with a shark is on your own personal bucket list, you can climb into a cage for a shark dive out of Fairhaven this summer.

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