In a statement released on Facebook, Geasy Luck has announced they will be removing their brew technology all together to focus on food and live entertainment.

In an extensive Facebook press release, Greasy Luck in Downtown NB has announced some major changes to their business model - and to their name!

In the coming week, Greasy Luck will be removing the brew system located in the glass room at the front of the bar-side of the restaurant. They will do this before opening as to not disrupt the normal flow of business during the day. The move will allow Greasy Luck to shift their focus on their food and the entertainment they bring to The Vault.

With the change, Greasy Luck BrewPub will be known as just 'Greasy Luck' from here on out. The "Pub Side at Greasy Luck" and the "Vault Side at Greasy Luck" will be treated as two sepearte entities in one space.

You can visit the new website for the vault here.