North Atlantic gray seals can often be seen on Massachusetts shorelines, but will likely be spotted more frequently over the next few months.

NOAA says it's gray seal pupping season, and mother seals and their pups will be spotted on beaches, sometimes for days at a time.

NOAA's marine mammal stranding program coordinator Mendy Garron says people need to keep their distance from the animals, as seal pups are known to follow humans. "So this is also something that we want to discourage, in terms of having people approach the animal because it will follow people into different areas. And we don't want the animal to move too far so it's mom can find it when it comes back," says Garron.

Gray seals are known to get more aggressive when they get older, and will bite if you get too close.

If you see a seal and think it may be in trouble, you're advised to call your local Marine Mammal Stranding Network member.

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