If you've wanted to see a shark all summer, but never got the chance then now is the time to head to the Cape with your camera.

According to the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, October is the peak month for white shark activity off Cape Cod.

The waters are still nice and warm from all the late summer sun, but the air is starting too cool off which the seals love.

This leads to a delightful combo of plenty of food and waters still warm enough to catch it in.

And I'm sure these massive sharks need to fill up before they make the long swim back to warmer Southern waters for the winter months.

So photographers scoping out the Cape beaches are capturing moments like these.

These hungry sharks were digging into some tasty grey seal off the north side of Nauset Beach on Saturday afternoon and Nick Haveran was there to see it.

He told the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy that the sharks we only about 50 yards off shore when he got to see them eating their lunch.

This should probably also serve as a warning to surfers off the Cape to still be wary of what is in the water.

With extra active sharks, fewer beachgoers and no lifeguards, there probably won't be as much advanced warning to an approaching shark as there would be in the summer.

Not that I surf, but if I did I think I'd bring along a buddy these days.

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