The entire region has been buzzing about Monday's shocking announcement that the iconic Lindsey's Family Restaurant has shut its doors for good. The news has hit hard for lovers of Lindsey's lobster bisque and turkey dinners.

The very talented Grace Morrison shared with us that she started crying the moment she read about the closure on

"I thought to myself, 'Why am I crying over a restaurant?'  And then I started thinking about all the memories and all of the people I have connected to that restaurant," she said. "My brother would bring me every week to Lindsey's and we had every family funeral there."

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Morrison said she did what she always does when she encounters an emotional situation in her life. She sat down and wrote a song.

The song is called "At the Restaurant" and she world-premiered it on Michael and Maddie. Watch it here:

The was created on a keyboard, so not only was it the first time Grace had performed the song in front of people, it was the first time she ever performed it using a guitar (which she brought to the studio because it was more portable).

The song hits all the feels, with Grace singing about how her family didn't have a whole lot of money when she was growing up. Dinner usually consisted of hot dogs and beans, but if her daddy had a good week at work and got paid a little more, he would take the family out to dinner at Lindsey's Family Restaurant in Wareham.

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