Not only are celebrities flocking to the SouthCoast to film movies, but they're also sampling the bountiful restaurants in the area.

I have always wondered if I've ever eaten somewhere at the same time as a big-wig Hollywood star. Chances are I wouldn't recognize them unless they're really hard to miss.

This is exactly why I would fail as a paparazzo. I simply don't have the eye to pick a famous person out of the crowd -- even if they're standing two feet in front of me.

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Luckily, the SouthCoast has been fertile ground for the film industry and I don't care how famous you are:

Lunchtime means lunchtime.

Actors have to eat somewhere -- from Kevin James stopping by the now-closed Whaling City Diner in downtown New Bedford last year for breakfast with friends to Sam Waterston getting his Portuguese grub on over at Tia Maria's European Cafe.

Out of everyone, Bill Murray is the clear frequent flyer when it comes to SouthCoast restaurants.

Here are 12 Hollywood bigshots who enjoyed good meals around the SouthCoast.

12 SouthCoast Restaurants Celebrities Swear By

Stars live in and visit the SouthCoast frequently, which means many of them end up at local restaurants. Here are appearances from some favorites.

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