If you've ever been walking around the zoo thinking you'd love to work there, you're in luck. Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence is hiring.

The zoo posted their current job openings on Facebook over the weekend saying they were hiring full-time, part-time and seasonal employees.

So getting a summer job at the zoo could totally be your thing this year.

I find it interesting that so many places seem to be looking for their summer help so early in February, but I guess good employees are hard to find these days so giving yourself as much time as possible to fill company positions gives you the best chance of getting good ones.

But it's certainly good news for folks coming home from college for the summer and don't want to wait until all the good jobs are taken.

And these sound to me like good jobs.

I am a huge fan of going to the zoo. Getting paid to be there sounds amazing.

A friend of mine recently started working at the Los Angeles Zoo and his social media posts have never been better!

There are lots of different jobs to choose from too. And not all with animals.

Roger Williams Park Zoo holds a number of kids camps and classes throughout the year, so those looking to work with children can do so with the zoo.

And if just being outside working with your hands is your jam, there are jobs for that too.

Check out all the opportunities here.

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