It may still be late January, but the Rhode Island State Parks are already hiring for summer jobs.

Dreaming of the beach? Then now is the perfect time to apply with the state parks department for jobs like lifeguard, beach manager, park ranger, campground attendant and many more seasonal positions.

If you want to spend your summer outdoors enjoying the state parks and beaches in Rhode Island then don't delay in applying.

I'm sure these seasonal positions fill up fast with high schoolers and college kids home for summer break.

Maybe your child will be coming back home for the summer season themselves and you want to give them the heads up to find work now (we don't blame you parents). Tell them to head to and apply today.

And sure January seems oddly early to start hiring for summer jobs. But if you think about it, training to be a lifeguard takes a while to complete. Now is the perfect time to remind those interested to get the certifications they need to make it happen.

And there are a lot of certifications. You can be surf certified, non-surf certified or pool only certified. Learn more about any and all of these certifications here.

There are also student research jobs to score for the season. Both in wildlife and agriculture if your college kids are into that.

Basically now is the time to start thinking summer jobs. And if you don't want to sit around all season working indoors (or don't want your kids sitting around all summer indoors), get online to scope out these job postings today.


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