We've been told for years to look for the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. Well, the women's magazine, first issued on May 2, 1885, has placed its seal on "The Best Small Town to Visit in Every State for a Charming Weekend."

Good Housekeeping says, "America might be best known for its major cities, but there is more to this beautiful country than New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago." The publication says, "Those bustling metropolises are wonderful places to live and visit, but you need to know about the prettiest towns in America that are equally worth seeing."

Let's take a look at the six New England States.

Just in time for the summer travel season, the world-famous Good Housekeeping magazine selects New England's best small towns.
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Good Housekeeping cites Mystic, Connecticut, a city that "honors its rich past, while embracing its quintessential New England charm, and colorful local shops and homey restaurants line the streets."

Camden, Maine is the best small town in the Pine Tree State, says Good Housekeeping. The publication says, "Camden is a four-season community on Penobscot Bay, dotted with stunning 19th-century homes." Between the mountains and the sea, Camden "boasts gorgeous scenery, award-winning cuisine, cultural hubs, and outdoor adventures to suit all tastes."

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Good Housekeeping favors Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. The publication says, "Serene in the winter and bustling in the summer, Oak Bluffs offers the best of both worlds." Good Housekeeping says Oak Bluffs "has gorgeous beaches and world-class restaurants, as well as, of course, the iconic gingerbread cottages at the Oak Bluffs Campground."

Just in time for the summer travel season, the world-famous Good Housekeeping magazine selects New England's best small towns.
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Littleton wins in New Hampshire. Good Housekeeping says, "Travelers to Littleton are sure to get a warm welcome thanks to the joyful bronze statue of Pollyanna that stands in front of downtown Littleton Public Library." The publication says, "The tribute to hometown author Eleanor H. Porter is a symbol of optimism and cheer - fitting for a place that boasts friendliness and the world's longest candy counter."

Good Housekeeping picks Jamestown in Rhode Island, saying it "epitomizes serenity." The publication says, "With gorgeous parks, historic farms, and cozy cafes, this historic coastal gem is one of the state's most treasured towns."

And finally, Stowe gets the nod in Vermont. Good Housekeeping says, "From farm-to-table cuisine to world-famous craft beers, culinary delights abound in this picture-perfect city." The publication says, "Nestled at the foot of Mount Mansfield, this northern Vermont resort town is the perfect getaway for winter thrill seekers."

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