What is your favorite product to clean with? Many men and women use a variety of cleaning products to keep their homes clean. However, finding a multi-purpose cleaner which is inexpensive as well as effective can be  elusive.

Many choose products such as Lysol, Clorox and Windex to assist them on their quest to clear away grime and grease from within their kitchens, baths, as well as other rooms in their house.

According to Rodale News, only one "homemade, all-purpose natural cleaner mixed up by many mothers and grandmothers from previous generations" is needed to "outperformed all store-bought cleaners." What is the this magical potion of the cleaning world? It is white vinegar.

Although the price of a gallon of vinegar may be a little over $2 when diluted it yields pennies on the dollar for a universal cleaning agent. Other benefits include streak reduction, no harmful industrial ingredients and minor odor. Why not try a greener, safer alternative cleaning product the next time you need to clean?

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