Twice this past week, Julian Edelman showed us why he'd be an amazing guy to be friends with.

Tom Brady is awesome and Gronk is clearly tons of fun, but if you ask me, Julian Edelman would be the Patriot I'd most like to hang out with.

He just comes across very chill, relaxed and real.

And he is obviously a great friend.

In case you've missed it, former teammate Danny Amendola has been losing his mind on social media over the apparent dating of his ex Olivia Culpo and DJ Zedd.

He's had lots of choice things to say about his relationship, break up and opinion of Zedd—and Edelman's comment on his Instagram was perfect.

 I mean seriously, Danny, get off Instagram.

But he can be a mentor kind of friend, too.

Just check out this video clip the New England Patriots posted with a sneak peek at their 3 Games to Glory release.  


At about the :29 mark, Edelman is having an AFC Championship game convo with rookie running back Sony Michel after they just won their way to the Super Bowl.

And he keeps the game in perspective for the newbie by saying "this is cute, but we win the next one..."

He reportedly took Michel under his wing leading up to the Super Bowl to really keep the RB focused and probably to talk him down if he got overwhelmed with everything going on.

Just two more reasons to love Julian Edelman. As if we really needed them.

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