The rumors seem to coming true for Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen with several media outlets reporting that the power couple are divorcing.

Sources close to the couple have told Entertainment Tonight that although the pair are still very much in love, they are admittedly going through a rough patch.

So rough in fact that Gisele has decided to file for divorce!

Gisele is said to be in New York with lawyers right now and Tom's four game suspension could have been the start of it all.

And if you don't want to believe the hype, think about this...

The two have barely been photographed together since the Super Bowl, they didn't celebrate their summer birthdays together and Gisele stopped including Tom in her Instagram recently.

Not to mention the fact that the tabloids have been reporting this for weeks...and eventually the tabloids end up being right.

So will Tom start the new season as a single guy? He seems to think Gisele's trip to the lawyer is just a threat, but we'll see.

This will definitely put the brakes on the multi-million dollar Boston home the pair are still in the middle of building. Who will get it? Who knows, but I don't think alimony will be an issue for these two!