Girl power! A young lady saved a shark from shallow water on a New England beach all by herself. Watch the amazing video. shared the footage of this brave (and perhaps a little crazy) young lady saving a shark that was being bashed against some rocks by the powerful waves at a New England beach.

She literally walked across the rocky shore, grabs the shark by it's tail and then carries it(!) several feet to deeper water so it can swim to safety.

I could never do this.

The identity of this mystery girl and the location of the beach wasn't revealed in the video, but the footage is pretty awesome.

Would you be able to single-handedly save a shark?

I mean it's not Jaws or anything, but still to just grab a shark by its tail and save it is kind of beyond my comprehension.

Not to mention how uncomfortable walking on those rocks looks!

Clearly this young lady is a nature lover. And I'm sure the shark was glad she was there to rescue him from the waves.

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