Some of my favorite sports moments have taken place at Gillette Stadium. I've seen playoff games, I've seen concerts. It's surrounded by a fun selection of restaurants and stores, but there's one thing that really hurts the Gillette Stadium experience: the parking.

You need to be able to pass the Presidential Fitness Test in order to have the stamina to walk from the depths of the parking lot to the stadium entrance. Not a tough task for a lot of people, but it's also a pretty big deal for a lot of others. Yesterday, as I was walking back to my car after the Patriots game, I realized that I've probably watched my last game at Gillette Stadium with my 70-year-old dad. He gets around ok. He can get in and out of stores and restaurants and can pretty much do whatever he wants to do, but there's no way he'd be able to make the trek from the parking lot to the stadium. There's not even an opportunity to drop him off at the front, and go park in the lot.

It can be physically daunting for the elder crowd, although the distance didn't seem to slow down this older couple (video above), who were powering through the walk quicker than we could.

It's not just older people that might face a problem, though. I brought my kids to both concerts and football games when they were younger, around 4-5 years old. A lot of times it ended up that I'd be carrying the kids back to the parking lot on my shoulders.

It makes me wonder if there are any other options that could help. I can tell you that I'd be willing to pay more than a few bucks to get shuttled back and forth in a golf cart. Heck, it could create another revenue flow for the Krafts (I know how tough things have been for them, financially).

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