If you were wondering what the best part of my day was, this was it.

I was on my way into the station today when I decided to make a quick stop. I pulled into the Dollar Tree parking lot in Fairhaven, hoping to get a first look at some of their Halloween decorations. I know, it's still summer, but I love Halloween, okay?

As I turned my car into a parking spot in the middle of the lot, I noticed a furry face staring at me. Just a few spots to my left, a small pup was looking at me curiously from the front seat of a black Jeep Wrangler. Now first off, I should make a disclaimer that the dog in question was not trapped in a hot car. In fact, it was living its best life, curled up on the passenger seat. Both doors of the Wrangler were off, so there was plenty of fresh air accessible to this cute pupper.

Kari / Townsquare Media
Kari / Townsquare Media

As the dog and I stared into each others eyes, I decided to snap this picture for my boyfriend. I got out of my car, meandered through the seasonal section of Dollar Tree, which was still mostly filled with Back to School items, and was excited to see the bumper sticker-covered Jeep still out front when I left. There the pup was, curious as ever and waiting patiently for its owner to return from an errand.

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To the owner of this sweet pup: Thanks for sharing your sweet dog with the SouthCoast, and for bringing him or her on your errands with you. But most of all, thank you for not trapping your pup in a hot car with the windows up or barely cracked. It was nice to see this pup waiting for you to return and still getting to enjoy the nice summer breeze.

Also, will you give your dog some pets for me?

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