We're proud of where we're from...and we want to make sure the people we give gifts to this holiday season know it. 

The Dunks gift card: If you haven't given / received countless Dunkin' Donuts gift cards over the years, do you even live here???

Patriots' gear: Because it literally does not matter if you are male, female, dog, cat, baby...there is a piece of Pats' clothing or memorabilia for everyone on your list.

Providence Bruins tickets: So many big companies around here have major discounts on P. Bruins tickets (s/o to my Mom who's always trying to push her hospital group's seats to me!) Even if you don't, most tickets start under $20 so it's a pretty solid gift when you can't spring for the Boston Bruins.

Gift cards to our favorite local watering holes: No one has ever been upset when they have been gifted a Busters or TGIF's gift card. It means we can eat (and drink!) on someone else for the night.

Whaleman statue bookends: These aren't cheap but chances are if you're getting these from someone, they are from the Southcoast.

Really anything whale, lobster, lighthouse related: It could be a panorama photo of a lighthouse, a lobster / crab tool kit or a set of dish towels with a whale on them...All very much scream "I'm from the Southcoast and we like these things here."

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