I was scrolling through my newsfeed today and almost jumped out of my chair when I saw the CREEPIEST trail cam pic of a giant owl...and you won't believe what it's carrying.

Part of living in the sticks in Dartmouth, Westport, Fairhaven, Freetown or really any heavily-wooded area on the Southcoast is sometimes dealing with critters that are slightly more scary than a chipmunk or skunk. We have coyotes, Fisher cats, even a rouge bobcat once in a while.

But one animal that I was never prepared to be "nervous" about were owls...Until I saw this photo.


Susie from Fairhaven shared the trail cam photo of this owl taking a pretty large cat up off the ground. She gently warned people to be mindful of their smaller dogs and cats that spend time outdoors, as obviously the owl is making it look pretty easy to abduct the cat.

Some folks have let us know that this is actually from a trail cam in Minnesota, but after following a couple comment threads on this picture, people in this area HAVE said that they've seen some big owls on their property or during hikes.

If you start to notice lots of cats or small dogs going missing in a certain area, always contact animal control - there may be an larger animal culprit to blame!

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