Chris Palermo of Palmermovisuals caught the craziest video of a shark having quite the seal dinner just off the coast of Nauset Beach. 

We're no strangers to the Great Whites and other species of sharks that move back into the SouthCoast every summer - I mean, it is their home after all and we're the visitors when we step into the ocean.

Sharks, in general, do not scare me. Quite the opposite actually. I am totally fascinated by them and dream of doing shark dives after having lived on the coast for 27 years and never having done one. But videos like these sure do remind me of their natural power and killer instincts. And I will watch it on a loop for hours, because it's mesmerizing. (Not that I don't also love seals and would love to cuddle all of them, especially this little buddy who met a pretty gnarly end.)

According to Palermo, this was filmed just 500 feet off the coast of the beach in Orleans, Massachusetts. If you watch the beginning of the video closely, it looks like the seal already lost most of its lower body but is still alive and blinking.

The North Atlantic Shark Conserve have confirmed it's a Great White. Sure looks pretty great to us. And by 'great', we mean frighteningly giant.

For more amazing photography and videos from Chris, you can follow him on Instagram or visit his website.


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