Move over "she sheds", the garden igloo has arrived.

Amazon is once again offering the ultimate outdoor escape and this one is much more wallet friendly than the last backyard tiny house rage.

Recently this garden house was the hottest thing to Amazon shoppers. And amazingly it sold out, despite the $7350.00 price tag.

garden house

Now Amazon is offering another awesome backyard escape that is a bit better on the budget.

It's the garden dome igloo - and I want one.

garden dome

Look at this thing, it is so cool. You get your own see-through dome for the backyard that can be used all year round.

So you can enjoy it now to avoid bugs in the summer. Then use it again and again until you are sitting out in a winter snow storm watching the flakes literally fall around you as you sit in the warmth.


It also sounds like a much more enjoyable way to sleep outdoors. And watching the stars under this dome would be super cool.

Seriously, the more I type the more I want to buy one.

The seller says it can fit up to 10 people with chairs plus a table and it can be used as a greenhouse in the winter.

It only stands up to 31 mph winds though, so you may need to take it apart from time to time, especially in hurricane season.

Still one Amazon user says they live in theirs behind a Starbucks, so weird but I guess great advertisement for this thing's durability.

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