There's a new site in town and it wants to give you a free $10,000 loan towards your wedding!  SwanLuv wants to help pay for your dream wedding and only asks for a few simple answers in their online application form. If you qualify, you'll get the loan! You'll never have to pay back a dime... ...unless you get divorced.

If you get divorced, you have to pay back the full loan, plus interest. Yikes!

You may be wondering where a brand new website like SwanLuv is coming up with $10k to hand out left and right, and it's coming (in part) from couples who divorced and had to pay back all that money and then some.   In short, you get to build a dream wedding out of the ruins of someone else's marriage.

According to SwanLuv, they make $0 profit off of people's divorce and offer counseling to help marriages work through their troubles. The site launches in about 7 weeks so if you think you've got what it takes to truly stay together forever, then go ahead and apply for your free money!

If you're looking for other tips on building your dream wedding, don't forget to check out our Fun107 Bridal Show on Sunday, January 31st!



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