After Argentina's dramatic penalty kick win, over the Netherlands yesterday, the table has been set for the final match of the World Cup. 

Yes, Argentina will join world powerhouse Germany, who is coming off of a 7-1, semifinal thrashing of host team Brazil, in the tournament's final match. So, both nations' fans will be in full force on the final day of competition, as each looks to claim supremacy in the soccer world.

The Argentines, the clear underdogs in this meeting, rely heavily on the play of international superstar Lionel Messi, to help their offense run smoothly. Messi had played well, throughout the tourney, until the Dutch contained him for the entire 120 minutes of game action, Wednesday. He'll need to change that and perform at his very best to boost Argentina over the top.

As for the Germans, they have really been strong on all levels of play, over the entirety of their matches. Led by a strong midfield, the team is flying high with confidence, going into this final match. Coming into the cup as the second ranked team in the world, they believed they would wind up in this position.

A few players and analysts have gone on the record, saying they believe Germany will win. I have to say, just based on what I've seen from the two clubs so far, I've got to go with the Germans as well. They just look so stellar in every facet of the game and after their dismantling of Brazil, who is ranked third in the world, I can't see them slowing down anytime soon. I see a multi-goal win for the Germans on Sunday afternoon.

Be sure to tune into the match to see what happens. The action gets underway on ESPN, Sunday at 3 p.m.


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