Looks like the drivers aren’t the only ones fed up with the high gas prices.

One Tiverton gas station owner is taking matters into his own hands and offering regular unleaded gas at $4.29, a significant decrease compared to his competitors on Stafford Road and beyond.

George Alzaibak of George’s Gas and Service spoke with Michael and Maddie this morning and shared some inside information on why prices are still so high, and why Alzaibak is looking to kickstart a revolution.

Alzaibak was tending to about a dozen cars looking to get the hottest price around as he spoke with us.

“How are you pulling this off George?” asked Michael. “How much money are you losing per gallon?”

The answer was shocking.

“This narrative is totally wrong,” Alzaibak said. “I’m making 31 cents on the regular and 60 cents on the diesel. I’m not losing, sir.”

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Alzaibak explained how the majority of gas stations are choosing to “gouge” their prices to capitalize on the gas shortage, but he decided he wasn’t going to play that game anymore.

“About four or five weeks ago, I had an older lady pull up to the pump and she started to cry,” he said. “She said to me, ‘Between Market Basket and gas, I have no money in my pocket anymore.’”

At that moment, Alzaibak knew he had to make a change, and with the support of his staff, his place made the price cut.

“It’s the best thing I have ever done,” he said.

Alzaibak has seen a drastic change in the demeanor of his customers since the price change, saying it has completely changed the narrative at the pumps.

“I’m calling it a peaceful revolution,” said Alzaibak, as his prices remain around 50 cents lower than the rest.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Be like George.

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