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Being tall is fun and all — until you have to find a Halloween costume that fits.

Is your husband tall? Is your boyfriend the opposite of short? Are you yourself vertically unchallenged? It's hard to find costumes for tall men. Trust me, at six-foot-four, I get it.

Now, I'm not one to be an online shopper, but I felt as though I needed a little help in the "tall costume" department and lo and behold, I found a handful on Amazon.

This may come to many as a "well, duh" discovery, but as I said, I'm more likely to go to a costume shop and browse the shelves and racks the old fashioned way.

After surfing through the thousand of pages on Amazon, I was able to track down five solid costumes that I could totally rock.

Here's what I found; hopefully, it's a helpful guide for all my tall people out there:

Cousin to the abominable snowman, this furry legend has made its way onto Amazon's choice list and is the top pick on my list. The costume comes with a fur bodysuit, mask, hands, and feet.

This inflatable dino costume is perfect for the tall person in your life who wants to make a statement. It comes in multiple sizes, including a teen and plus size, and is fairly simple to get on. The suit also includes its own battery fan.

This costume is really a-peeling to the tall guy who might want to keep it simple this year.

As one of the tallest mammals to walk this earth, this one is a no-brainer. Plus, it's kind of cute.

I'm not one to dress up in a "scary" costume and will give a hard pass on this one, but it could interest someone tall who is looking for a few extra inches of freight.

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