You believe me if I told you that my Father feeds birds out of his hands... so my mother took a video when he wasn't looking.

Let me set the scene about my father first before getting into the whole bird situation. He's a quiet, well reserved man, who loves the peacefulness of the countryside and the natural beauty of the outdoors.

At the end of each work day, you can catch my father out back on the deck in his rocking chair. In Westport, it's quiet and relaxing, just the way he likes it.

One day, from the kitchen window, I looked outside and caught my father holding his hand out, standing extremely still and statue-like. My first thought was... "What the heck is he doing?!". That's when my mom showed me the video.

Apparently, he does this often.

With his arm stretched out and his hand filled with bird seed, one by one you can witness (in the video above) multiple birds swooping down to grab a grain or two for their dinner.

Now, I know that birds are one of the most skittish creatures on Earth, so the fact that they trust my father enough that he won't try and catch them when they are sitting in his palm is mind-blowing.

I guess the real question is... What in God's name made him decide to do this in the first place? His reply: a simple 'I don't know' shrug.

You have to see this video of the "Westport Bird Whisperer" for yourself!


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