If I asked you to hold a piñata with your bare hands while I swung at it with everything I had... would you?

On Saturday, July 21st, I went to my girlfriend's family (mother's side) cookout for the very first round of introductions.

Keep in mind that this can sometimes be nerve-racking for some.

As I get there, I soon find out that it's a pretty "fun" crowd! Little did I know, they had something planned for me. *GULP*

The party host, Skip, pulls out this whale tail piñata and tells me it's full of "nips" (some people refer to these as "shooters", also known as miniature alcohols). He then proceeds to hand me a very large and somewhat heavy wooden rod (taken from a closet).

This is where it gets interesting...

"Go ahead... give it your best shot" he said with a grin.

This man was actually brave enough to trust that I would hit the piñata without batting an eye or giving the idea a second thought. He was adamant to say the least.

I soon find out that this was part of the initiation into the family, somehting along the lines of a "trust fall". Little did Skip know, that I had ZERO confidence in myself not knowing if i would hit the booze filled piñata.

I lined up the bat, took a real deep breath, cocked the wooden rod back, closed my eyes (yes, CLOSED my eyes), and...

Well, I'll let you watch the video to find out how it all ended.

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