If you are a cat person and a lover of all things Game of Thrones, this is right up your alley.

I used to have a cat and think this probably would have been cool back then. But these days I am a dog momma and I am pretty positive my girl Jessie would want nothing to do with a GoT bed. But the cats will love this!

I found these on Bustle.com. They are considered the Iron Throne for cats and I must say, they did a very good job replicating the real Iron Throne. The cat bed is constructed out of foam rubber and upholstered with soft fabric. The bed features a cushion stuffed with a synthetic filler. The cushions are machine washable, so easy to keep clean. The rest of the bed, though, is dry clean only.

This made-for-cats Iron Throne bed is not cheap, my friends. Are you ready? The bed retails for $272 on Etsy.com. I know, right?! That is the price of a human mattress.

These are selling fast and people who've already bought one for their cat are raving about it. Vickie Kreider says, "Very artistic work. One of my cats claimed it immediately. I just love it."  And another says, "The Throne is so cool, my cats love to sleep in it. Winter is coming, but the Throne is warm."

I wonder how long before we can order a human Iron Throne bed for us. ⚔🔥

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