The much anticipated final season of Game of Thrones finally arrives Sunday night at 9 on HBO. Here at Fun 107, we are implementing some firm rules of engagement, and the penalties for non-compliance are appropriately severe.

Game of Thrones has long been a struggle for us on the morning show. It airs just late enough that it's a little uncomfortable to stay up and watch. Previously, the end times would be roughly 10 p.m., but depending upon how the episode ends, it takes a good hour to settle down and let the adrenaline wear off. You are looking at after 11 p.m. in most cases. Pretty rough stuff when you have to wake up at 3:30 a.m. to perform on a radio show.

Now, we know that the final six weeks of Game of Thrones are going to be more like movies than television episodes. This makes watching it and being OK on Monday morning nearly impossible. It's a tough way to start the week, and it could have residual effects for the rest of the week. Operationally, we just can't be tired for six straight weeks. That would be bad.

Therefore, I have ordered a decree. I have decided to make Fun 107 a Game of Thrones "safe space." There will be absolutely NO DISCUSSION about Game of Thrones on Mondays. None. Violators will face beheading. This will allow everyone the chance to DVR the latest episode and watch it at their convenience.

Signs like this one have been hung on the doors and in the hallways:


My initial concern was that we wouldn't be talking about GoT on the air on Monday mornings. We'd be missing the mark. However, upon further reflection, I realized that it would be impolite to talk about the latest episode in any great detail. I'm sure there's a significant portion of the audience that is trying to get through the day without encountering any spoilers. You won't find them on Fun 107.

Not on Mondays, at least.

After Monday, all bets are off.

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