One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Every now and then I'll take a stroll through the local Facebook Marketplace section to see what peaks my interest. Although there's usually nothing that I fancy (and I'm sorry for being so brutally honest), the curiosity of what people are actually posting brings me back for more every time.

However, as I stumbled back down the rabbit hole (a.k.a. Facebook Marketplace) once more, I came across a "FREE STUFF" section and thought "Hey... if it's free, it's for me!". What I actually found was amusement and a good chuckle.

Most of the free items were scrap wood and pallets for burning, but then there were a few other things that made me wonder "Who the heck would want this?!" and simply "Why?".

You be the judge... would you want this stuff?

1.) An Open Bag of Concrete:

Facebook Marketplace

I mean, if you're this person's next door neighbor, perhaps it might be a good grab, but with 5 pounds missing (supposedly), what would you need ONE bag for? Hopefully whoever picks this up doesn't have an appointment with the fishes.

2.) Broken Boat:

Facebook Marketplace

A FREE boat?! Come on... what's the catch? Oh yeah, perhaps it's the fact that you have to bring your own trailer hoping that it fits this size boat (should have at least posted the dimensions), it's covered with dirt, mildew, and Lord knows what else, and lastly... the owner has "no clue if motor is good or not". What a deal!

3.) Rocks and Boulders:

Facebook Marketplace

Apparently, South Dartmouth is the "go-to" for FREE rocks. Wait... what? If I wanted rocks, I could go anywhere for them. 75% of the Earth is made of rock (Yes, I do know that we only have access to 5% of the 75%, but that's not the point). I think I'll save my back and my time with this one.

4.) Raisins:

Facebook Marketplace

You have got to be joking my socks. All the way to Portsmouth, RI for a pack of raisins?! I don't care of they are 'Sun Valley', 'Sun Shine' or even the 'Sun-Maid' posted above... the amount of gas I'd be wasting just to get to these little-hydrated grapes is not worth the hassle; no matter how delicious they may be.

5.) Unintelligent Organ:

Facebook Marketplace

This one made me LOL. Lastly, we come down to a free "stupid" organ. Whoever is trying to get rid of this clearly had a rocky relationship with it. I mean, come on now, Clifford, it's an inanimate object for goodness sakes, did it truly bring you that much pain? "I hate this thing", he says. I can understand why a few broken keys may be upsetting, but to follow up with

"You want to fix it? It's yours! Want to set it on fire? I won't judge you. Just get it away from me."

Perhaps someone will find a nice home for this ancient beauty. As for Clifford... I hope you finally rid yourself of the "Stupid Organ" that's been such a burden to you.