Four men from Vermont spent their weekend in jail after a traffic stop turned up a car full of weapons.

Swansea police say they received calls of a speeding vehicle with Vermont plates on Route 103 Friday night, followed by calls of a bottle being thrown from the same vehicle on 195 soon after.

Officers pulled the car over and found the front seat passenger with an open liquor bottle and the driver fidgeting around his seat.

a number of weapons were turned up, including nun-chucks

Police pulled the driver from the car and immediately discovered a load .45 calibur handgun magazine in his pocket. Two loaded handguns were also found under the driver's seat, so all three passengers were removed as well.

After a thorough search of the entire vehicle a number of weapons were turned up, including loaded handgun magazines, pepper spray, knives, nun-chucks, modified brass knuckles, body armor, handcuffs and handcuff keys.

The four men claimed to be in the area to visit a friend in Fall River, but most of them spent the weekend in jail instead.

The driver, 30-year-old Eric Poland, and passengers Jon Lamoy, 31, and Charles Livingston, 61, were arrested and face numerous charges.

The other passenger, an unnamed man in a wheelchair who threw the bottle that got them pulled over in the first place, was released at the scene but has been ordered to appear in court.