I'm sure every pregnant woman has her own list of "don't dos" while she is expecting, but here are some things I feel should be avoided at all costs.


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    Touching Her Stomach

    I think a lot of pregnant women feel this way, and luckily, this has never actually been an issue for me.

    Still, I know I am a hands-off-the-belly kind of a pregnant lady.

    I don't know how many people really have strangers reaching out for a feel, but I know I am not okay with that happening.

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    Offering to Do Simple Tasks

    It kind of drives me nuts when people offer to do very simple things for me just because I'm pregnant.

    Like my husband (who never does the laundry) suddenly asks if he can carry a small basket of towels from one room to another for me.

    I think at least once a week, I have to remind him that I am pregnant, not broken.

    Believe it or not, I will ask for help if I truly need it, and most things I can still manage just fine on my own.

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    Try to Change Her Mood

    The hormones are a-raging during pregnancy and we can't always control our reactions to things.

    That being said, don't try to talk us out of whatever mood we have gotten into.

    If a pregnant woman is suddenly crying for no reason, just let her cry it out.

    If she is grumpy and not having it, let her be until the mood passes.

    Trust me, you are never going to be entertaining enough to change a pregnant woman's mood once it sets in.

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    Promise Her Food and Not Deliver

    This one just became a thing for me last week thanks to Gazelle from the Michael Rock Show.

    Turns out when you offer me food and tell me you'll bring it to me, I start to really want that food.

    And then when it doesn't show up--it becomes all I can think about!

    That leads to the prior rule, and then I'm in a food funk until other food makes it all better.

    Just never, ever promise a pregnant woman something to eat if you aren't really going to bring it to her.