There are certain things about being a mom that you can only really relate to once you are actually a mom.

Having kids comes with a lot of new territory. Some of it people try to prepare you for with advice and words of wisdom and some of it is discovered all on your own.

1. You will never sleep through the night again

Okay, that is probably an exaggeration. But your sleep will never be as restful as it was before you had kids - no matter how old those kids get. Of course sleepless nights come with the territory with babies, but even as they get older there are wakeful nights. Midnight potty breaks (or missed ones), bad dreams and more can send a child of almost any age right back to your bed for the cuddles. And yes mom, you will most likely be the one woken up - every time.

2. A small person will run your life

Not completely, you are of course the parent and set the rules. But the TV you watch, the music you listen to and the movies you settle in for will not always be your choice. Pre-parent you may think your kid won't watch "that crap" but once you're in it, TV is your friend and your standards change - trust me.

3. You will be amazed by how much you can hold in one hand

They say moms grow an extra hand. And though that may not be true, the capabilities of your existing hands changes immensely. Carrying a diaper bag, groceries, the baby's toy, somebody's trash, car keys and a coffee? Yep, you're momming it.

4. Finding time for yourself will be hard

Remember long, relaxing showers? Remember sleeping in? Remember actually drinking a hot cup of coffee? Then you may not yet be a mom. Kids are delightful and time consuming. And getting their day going often means rushing through your old routine. Little things like a yoga class, a hair appointment, even a trip to the doctor's office can suddenly become precious "me minutes" that really recharge the batteries.

Seriously though, kids are awesome. Having them is totally worth it. And when you have them you suddenly become part of this exclusive 'mom club' where the craziest things somehow become totally relatable to other moms.


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