Last October, Syfy's Ghost Hunters took on Fort Adams, or as they call it, the Fortress of Phantoms. Here's what they experienced doing their investigation.As the TAPS team investigated the areas like the Fort's bakery and barracks, the team reported footsteps, mysterious 'tugs' on their jackets, whimpering sounds and other stuff to make you freak out.

Fort Adams caretaker, Rob, has said that people have also made similar claims, saying they've been poked, jabbed and even had rocks thrown at them. What is most unsettling to us, however, was to hear that, allegedly, the voice of a child was heard saying "you're not supposed to be see me". Yikes!

None the less, we love a good ghost hunt and with Halloween just around the corner, it seems to be an activity people really want to participate in; Face Your Fears Night: Fort Adams.

Check out this quick clip from Ghost Hunter's visit to Fort Adams and then decide for yourself if you are willing to Face Your Fears with us on Saturday, Oct. 15th.

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