For many people, pizza is considered the perfect food. Hot, cold, toppings, plain cheese -- there seems to be no bad way to eat pizza. Even squirrels think so.

Pizza Rat became an online sensation back in 2015, but years later he just may have to make way for Massachusetts' very own Pizza Squirrel.

A recent Reddit post showed a hungry squirrel out of Williamstown making off with an entire slice of pie and managing to climb a tree while the pizza was still hanging from its mouth. Pizza Rat has certainly never done that!

Proof in my book that this little guy's pizza snatching skills are a level above.

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Reddit user u/Conscious_Analysis48 captioned the pics: "In Williamstown visiting friends witnessed this squirrel steal a slice of pizza off the counter and bolt to the tree. The slice was almost as big as squirrel. Good Squirrel!"

Other Reddit users agreed, calling the squirrel "the Massachusetts version of Pizza Rat" and adding that it "looks like it's wearing the slice like a Paul Revere hat."

The squirrel may not be new to the pizza-stealing game either. Back in 2008, David Gurcay-Morris shared photos of a squirrel pizza theft he witnessed in Williamstown, too.

Considering eastern gray squirrels can live up to 20 years, it is possible that these two pizza thieves are in fact the same thief. Though if a squirrel has been living off pizza for the last 14 years, it may not be that nimble anymore.

I don't blame the little guy, though. Pizza is delicious and South Shore Bar Pizza is some of the best this area has to offer.

The Best of South Shore Bar Pizza

There's pizza, and then there's South Shore Bar Pizza. Birthed in Brockton (and to this writer, perfected in Randolph – Lynwood Café is the true G.O.A.T.), it must meet certain qualifications to be considered "SSBP," which include: it's a 10-inch pie; it has a thin, cracker-like crust with minimal "flop;" the cheese is a blend that features more cheddar than mozzarella; and bonus points if you take it home between two carboard-type plates wrapped in flat brown paper bag. They also usually come with "laced" or "burnt" edges (terminology depends on where you are ordering), which is when the sauce and cheese are extended all the way to the edge of the pan, creating a crispy, flavorful coating to the crust. We reached out to the hugely popular South Shore Bar Pizza Social Club Facebook group to ask the experts to share the best of the best (in no particular order).

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