I'll admit it. A lazy weekend usually consists of me not showering or changing out of my pajamas. Sometimes it means not even leaving the couch. That's mostly the fault of Netflix.

We have to admit, Netflix has been the king of original streaming content for a while now. I'm pretty sure I have had a Netflix account for at least five years now.

Since Netflix was one of the first to tap into streaming and creating original content, you would think they have it made. But it looks like the latest streaming service, Disney+, is going to be a real contender for streaming dollars.

To stay competitive, Netflix has announced they will partner with Nickelodeon and not only stream some of their already existing shows, but create original content and spinoffs of Nick classics.

Let me just say, I'm a Nick kid all the way. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely watched lots of the Disney classics growing up. At a certain age, though, I began exclusively watching Nickelodeon for all the TV series. I guess you could call me a Nick kid. I haven't bought into the Disney+ hype just yet. From what I hear, they have very little to no original content like Netflix does. I guess I'll try and "borrow" a friend's Disney+ login and see if it's worth getting yet another streaming subscription.

What are your thoughts? Did you get Disney+? Is it everything you imagined? Are you holding out to see if this streaming service has been worth all the buzz? As for me, I'm a Nick ki,d so I'll stick to binge-watching Netflix until Disney gives me something I can't get anywhere else.

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