Even though his flow seems effortless, fun-loving rapper Flo Rida works incredibly hard, and now that he's topped the charts, he's getting back to his roots. "It wasn't easy getting to the top," Flo confessed in the opening montage of his moving 'I Cry' video. "I went through more than any man should have to growing up in the projects. Now I'm back for the kids," he affirms. "This was my struggle. What's yours?"

Despite the song and video's somber message, the flow of the track is actually pretty typical Flo Rida -- it's upbeat and optimistic, and, as usual, catchy as heck. The video's an examination of Flo's upbringing in Carol City, Fla., and we see him how he sees his younger self in the mirror. Flo floods his bathroom with tears, clutches his Bible and tries his best to avoid cops. It's not all sadness, though, as Flo tries to make the future brighter for the next generation, giving out backpacks and giving back to his community.

Still, the more Flo sees, the more he cries, eventually getting literally in over his head and swimming in his own sobs. Flo's flashbacks are spliced with historical footage of Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, war footage, and images of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. It's heavy and heartbreaking -- but in typical Flo fashion, it doesn't stay that way for long.

Soon, Flo sings, "When I need healing / I just look up to the ceiling / I see the sun coming down / I know it's all better now." Images of sunshine, optimism and Barack Obama emerge as Flo escapes his past and his sorrow. If that's not one heck of an endorsement, we don't know what is! (Now we know who he urged fans to vote for, right?!)