She's an artist on the rise and recently she stopped by the Fun 107 studio.

Last week I was lucky enough to talk with Fletcher about her first radio hit and so much more.

She dropped by the Fun 107 studio looking absolutely amazing and making this mom of two truly wish I had her hair.

And not only was her hair lovely, she was as well.

Chatting with me about her music career, the heartbreak that fueled her most recent recordings and what she hopes to do and see as she travels coast-to-coast promoting "Undrunk."

The song is so relatable, I mean who doesn't have some drunken moment from their life they wish they could undo. We've probably all actually been there.

We also got the chance to talk about her hometown roots in a city with some serious musical history.

From start to finish is was great talking with Fletcher and you can check out the entire interview right here.

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