Sometimes we all take the health of our little ones for granted, and when I see stories like this, I hug my son a little tighter. A 5 year old who lost his battle with brain cancer.

According to the New York Daily News, Brayden Denton had been battling an aggressive form of brain cancer since April of last year, and endured 30 rounds of radiation treatment. That is unbelievably mindboggling. I never understood how cancer could affect those so young. Life just isn't fair sometimes. No child should ever go through that kind of suffering, let alone anyone for that matter. Cancer never discriminates, and affects us all one way or another.

On the brighter side, Brayden was a huge superhero fan. His favorite one was Spiderman, and through Make-A-Wish, he was able to travel to Florida to meet Spiderman at Universal Studios. He even got to see the new Spiderman movie that just came out.

When he passed away on May 8th, his mother decided to incorporate superheroes into his funeral procession by having his favorite superheroes as pall bearers. R.I.P. Brayden.

See his story below.