We recently read an article about how participating in a 5k can keep you motivated. With two 5ks of our own coming up this year- we thought we'd share what motivation points we agree with.

1. It is a great stress buster.
If you're list most people, you've never come back from a long walk or a long run more upset/stressed/annoyed than when you began. Running - no matter how fast or slow- is a great way to clear your head and bring your stress level back down to zero.

2. It forces you into a fitness routine.
It's called "training" for a reason. If you are not consistently making time to work towards your goal then you're not going to be prepared when the 5k day finally comes. Your training routine suddenly starts effecting the rest of your life and before you know it- you're on a schedule and life is manageable!

3. It's an "Everymans" event.  
True, some 5ks are timed and some are for fun but regardless of how fast you do it, you cannot complete a 5k from your couch. If you need a gentle yet fun push into the 5k world- try the Insane Inflatable 5k in Cape Cod or Insane Inflatable 5k at UMass Dartmouth.  From there, work your way into more difficult 5k's or if you'd like, take a page from Loren's book and stick with fun-runs all year!

TSM | Loren Petisce

So whether you're running a 5k to beat your own personal time or speed-walking through a 5k to support a cause near and dear to you heart- one thing is for sure: Participating in a 5k is a great way to get your blood pumping and heart pounding. Lace up those shoes, Southcoast, the pavement is waiting for you!