Fireballs surely are a sight to see, and here in New England, residents across many states have had the chance to see two in just the past few days.

Some lucky residents in and beyond the SouthCoast had the chance to witness a fireball streak across the sky last night just after 11 p.m. The American Meteor Society received reports of the event as far south as Pennsylvania and southern New York, and as far north as Montreal. One of those reports came from Maria T. of Freetown, who said that although she wasn't sure exactly what time she saw the fireball, she knew it was bright.

"[It] was super bright - enough to grab my attention and see [through] semi sheer curtains with TV on and being 10 feet away from [the] window," Maria T. wrote in her report. "[It] seemed to come straight down."

Rick Needham of Chestertown, New York captured the event on camera, as seen in the lower left corner of this video.

A greater number of residents spotted a different fireball pass across the sky Saturday night just after 11 p.m., in an event that spurred nearly 200 reports all across the Northeastern United States and into Canada.

This time, Bradley H. of Foxboro was driving around and caught a glimpse of the fireball on his Tesla's dashcam.

Did you see one of these fireballs, or better yet, catch it on video? Let us know inside our station app.

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