Right on schedule, the Brian Helgeland-directed movie "Finestkind" began filming in Fairhaven on April 20.

The first set was on location at the local fisherman's bar Rasputin's.

Crews began setting up Tuesday for the Wednesday shoot, and parts of Bridge and Main streets were closed to traffic in the morning to make room for a number of production tents and vans.

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While there was no sign of Tommy Lee Jones or any other of the movie's other stars, there was a large police presence outside of the tavern Wednesday morning as a huge light rig was carefully set into place by a large, orange bucket truck.  A screen was getting placed in front of the main entrance to Rasputin's. It will be used as a reflector to create a soft shade.

The crew's schedule calls for four total days of shooting at Rasputin's, two this week and two more in May. Most of the filming will take place inside the bar, but there will be a quick shot taken of the exterior.

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Around the neighborhood, there were signs directing staff members to the apparent command center of the operation, the nearby Seaport Inn, where staff was directed to park. The inn will also serve as the hub for catering.

Over the next few weeks, if you see yellow and black signs with the word "Cruller" around the SouthCoast, you'll know you are nearby one of the filming locations. It wasn't immediately clear what that word means in the context of the production, though a "cruller" is a popular pastry.

Check out photos from the scene below.

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