A viral text message exchange between employer and employee has the SouthCoast picking sides. Who do you see in the wrong?

If you were scrolling through your Facebook feed yesterday afternoon, you may have come across a wildly explosive debate in a certain Plymouth Facebook community.

The debate was sparked by a mother who posted a brief text message exchange between her son and his part-time employer, seen below:

Town Square Media
Townsquare Media

The mother says her 15-year-old son had previously brought up to his boss that he would need these specific days off for a family trip to the Bahamas:

At the beginning of summer he gave his manager a list of days he would be out of town for vacations. He has worked since Giving this list to her. He just received these texts from [the owner]

My first reaction? How is this kid's battery life so good that it can be 7:30 at night and he just now got under 20 percent? I guess I need to switch to Sprint.

But in all seriousness, my reaction was: who is to blame here? The first instinct is, of course, to blame the owner. This language is not professional in the slightest. Not to mention graphic towards someone much younger than he, and also slightly misogynistic.

But after reading some comments on the original post, I started to second guess my original thoughts.

Looking past the graphic language, maybe we aren't getting the full story.

Anyone who has a teenager in their life knows their communication is, well, sub par at best. The vacation days may have been brought up upon hiring and never again. We don't know the full story. Plus, we don't know the worker's past. If he is being asked if he still works for the company, maybe he hasn't been at work as frequent as he should.

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