If you've always wondered what it's like to step up to the plate at Fenway Park, you now have a chance to give it a shot in Dartmouth.

Dick's Sporting Goods in Dartmouth is now featuring a state-of-the-art batting cage in the baseball section of their store. The batting cage allows you to experience what it is like to bat at Fenway Park. If you're a right-handed pull hitter, you'll have to account for the famous Green Monster. Left-handed hitters will have to deal with the deep right field porch and the Pesky Pole.

The batting cage uses some interactive video game software that shows you where your hit balls are dropping in the iconic ballpark.


People of all ages are allowed to use the batting cage, however, hitters under 16 require adult supervision.

The best part of the Fenway Park batting cage experience at Dick's Sporting Goods in Dartmouth is that it is totally free to use.

According to the sales associate we spoke with, no one has hit the Dick's Sporting Goods billboard in deep center field behind the bleachers. We may have to recruit Big Papi to take a ride down to Dartmouth before that feat is accomplished.