Betsy Brehaut‎ posted this photo in a community page for Dartmouth and I just had to share it.

"I'm not sure whether it's town or state responsibility to maintain the median on State Road, but it is out of hand. This elderly gentleman has taken it upon himself to get out there on this hot day and cut the grass so that the motorists can see when using the cutout. I have mixed emotions about this: 1) Bravo to him for taking it on himself and doing something. 2) Shame on the town or state for not doing its job and making its elderly residents step up to the plate."

It's clear that the knee-high grass hasn't been cut in a while. I couldn't say for sure who has the responsibility of taking care of that area, but I assume that it's the state since it's a state highway. I also know that the chore would never fall on the shoulders of this gentleman. He went out of his way to clear the area for drivers to be safer. Some heroes don't wear capes. Thank you, sir, for your kindness.

Brehaut later commented on the thread and said, "I passed by the area again thinking I could stop and thank him myself, but he was already gone. I do have to say that it is much easier to see the cars now that he has cleared the way. So if he sees this, Thank you!"

She also sent the MassDOT a message stating, "Today, I witnessed an elderly resident taking it upon himself to cut the knee high grass on the median strip on Route 6 at Carrollton Ave in Dartmouth. The grass is so high that when using the cutout there, it is very difficult to see the cars coming from the east. In fact, until this gentleman stepped up, that area was an accident waiting to happen because of the tall grass. I have pictures of the gentleman who should be commended for acting on his own to fix a problem. My question to the state is, why have you not cut the grass in this area? In my opinion, you are doing too little, too late if you wait for the grass to be so tall that it becomes a hazard and the residents have to do your work. When will the MassDOT be in this area of Route 6 to take care of this issue?"

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