If you've driven the newly added area of Faunce Corner Rd in Dartmouth, you may have said to yourself... "Umm, what?!".

Just the other day I was heading southbound on Faunce Corner Road on a busy Monday afternoon, definitely around peak hours of people getting out of work, congestion at an all time peak.

As soon as I hit this area (see photo above) of Faunce Corner Road, I was more than worried of either being side-swept from another vehicle. The lines on the road are clearly un-organized and rather dangerous.

Please keep in mind though that this project is still new and the painted lines are still being placed into their correct designations, but I wish for temporary purposes there was something more safe. There is bound to be an accident, regardless of the speed limit set in this area.

I mean, honestly.... am I wrong?#SorryNotSorry

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