So, it's 5 P.M. and after dinner, we all know what happens, GIFTS!

Don't be that person who literally brings nothing to the table (unless you legit can't).

Here are 3 quick and easy gifts that no one may even notice you did them last minute:

1. Make a Gift:

Well, duh... This one is an old classic BUT it works! Nothing wrong with old reliable aye? It's free, it's quick and if you put enough effort into it, he may think you made it yesterday and not today 😂

2. Gift Card (EMAIL):

This is super sneaky! Head over to your dad's favorite store (online) and buy a gift card online that gets delivered via email instantly! That way you can either print it out or forward it to them. It could literally take no more than 5 minutes and it absolutely looks like you tried.


That's what you say and once everyone at the table gives you a puzzled look, you inform your dad you're taking him out his favorite nighttime place, whether it's ice cream, a sports bar, or movie theatre!

Be a little creative or completely jack one of my ideas, the choice is yours, but give him something, it's literally one day a year!

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