I've seen some pretty interesting inventions in my lifetime, but this once has me cringing a bit, because I can't tell if it's a good idea or not.

In Falmouth, a floating raft was spotted that appeared to be some type "party barge" that's equipped with everything you'll need to get a celebration moving. There are lights and speakers and what appears to be a bunch of junk, but could very well be essential components to whatever this person has in store.

Now, as a DJ, there's something so wrong about this setup. I'm not sure if there's a gas-powered generator on board or maybe this person went green with some solar panels. Either way, look at how exposed this person is to the water. There's no way the deck of this barge is dry, which worries me. Can you say "electrocution?"

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Equipped with a motor, this barge has means to move the party wherever the captain pleases, which is absolute genius. All of my friends who have boats sometimes go out in a pack and then anchor in a circle. Now, picture you're out on your boat and this barge pulls up with the ultimate party playlist. I'd be pretty stoked.

I've DJ'd on the back of trucks and even on a small yacht, but never thought to be a mobile water DJ. This person is either way ahead of the times or has really good insurance for their equipment. Either way, I'm very intrigued.

If you have any additional information on who this person is and even better, what's on that barge, please reach out to me at Gazelle@Fun107.com. I have so many questions.

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