You may hear otherwise, but according to data, these are Fall River' safest neighborhoods. compiles data for Neighborhoods around the country and let's you see, first hand, what areas are safe, expensive, have experienced growth and more!  We pulled the data for the safest neighborhoods in Fall River and think you'll be surprised at who ranks the least dangerous in town.

According to, Fall River's safest areas are:

  1. Robeson St / Highland Ave
  2. Collins Corner / Fighting Rock Corner
  3. Cr St / Pleasant St
  4. N Main St / Wilson Rd
  5. N Eastern Ave / New Boston Rd
  6. Globe Village
  7. Tecumseh St / Manchester St
  8. Stafford Rd / Chicago St
  9. Pleasant St / 13Th St
  10. Rodman St / Brayton Ave


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