Somebody alert the General—General Tso that is, with a side of pork fried rice, the best Asian cuisine has been crowned in Fall River.

For quite a while I've been on the hunt for the best Chinese, Japanese, or Mongolian dishes served in Fall River, and with the help of the good people of the SouthCoast, I finally have a winner (not to mention by a landslide). The poll entries have been tallied and the final results are in for the best Asian cuisine in Fall River:

Ladies and gentlemen, drumroll please:


More than 1,000 votes were cast for the 20 Asian cuisine restaurants scattered across the city, and 437 of those votes went straight to China Sails, located at 155 Hope Street.

I met with the owner, Dominic Chen, who is not only popular on Facebook, but produces delicious crab rangoons and General Tso's chicken. The prices are extremely fair and the restaurant is very clean. He showed me into his kitchen which was visible for his customers to witness the magic behind the scenes. Honestly, I mentally drooled once I saw numerous trays stacked with savory Chinese food, wishing I could dive into the giant wok of pork fried rice.

From superb customer service to mouth-watering Chinese food, China Sails earned their Spatula, a symbol of local flair and pride.

Kudos to Dominic Chen and his family-owned Chinese restaurant. I hope to see your trophy hanging proudly and mighty the next time we meet again.


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